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Hello, I appreciate with weather and holidays everyone's busy and this isn't an emergency or anything.

But either I have never dealt with a sidecart or when I did it was years ago, and am not quite sure if I have to do anything more for it. I seem to have a bunch of items in my sidecart (I thought I purchased them) but they don't seem to be being sent. Is this part of the slowdown because of the holidays (we were given a heads up about that) or is there another step I need to take to get those products sent to me?


Customer Service Representative

Hello Atavist,

I believe that we hadn't yet gotten to your account in the current auth we were running! Once we generate the subscription items, it scoops up anything available in sidecarts. From what I see now, it looks like it got everything in your sidecart, put it into an active order with your sub materials, and will be shipping everything out to you soon! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

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