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So with biohacker out known I thought it would be fun to make an android biohacker, with the gag being that he's essentially a medic robot. Microlab in the upgrade slot and everything. Feels pretty clear the way to go is Studious Biohacker. A few good theorems would be medication master, treat condition, and field dressing.

Though I ran into a snag. The medic archetype. It feels like something i would want, but I dont know if it's worth giving up that first theorum. Also, is it my imagination, or is the class kind of... bad at healing? Also stuck on a field of study. Open to ideas and suggestions

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The class is kinda bad at healing. You seem to get more keeping an expensive healing serum on tap for emergencies.

For the biohacker medic, unless you're going to spend a lot on healing serums, i don't think you're going to overflow anyones HP into staminia all that often on a d8+4

Maybe I'll take a level of biohacker with the rest being mystic to make that happen.

Interface Zero, a third party supplement, has a medic class that you might want to look into. It's a cyberpunk world without all the magic of Starfinder, but you can add magic in easily enough. I recommend it because in the NPC's section there is an android medic called the"Medi Andi" which was a corporations attempt at creating a medical assistant and your concept reminded me of it.

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