Solar Connection and Weapon Specialization

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Starfinder Character Operation Manual introduces Solar Connection as an alternate class features.

The mystic is not proficient with advanced melee weapon but the solar weapon description in the Core rulebook indicates that the character is proficient with it.

At third level, Mystics gets Weapon Specialization that gives “Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat for each weapon type this class grants you proficiency with”. As the mystic does not have advanced melee weapon, I guess it does not get weapon specialization?

I thought such a character would need two feats to get the weapon specialization, advanced melee proficiency then Weapon Specialization, but only Versatile Specialization is needed.

It seems clear to me it gets Specialization at 3 but only with the solar weapon.

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The class gives you Solar Connection. Solar Connection gives you proficiency with Solar Weapons.

This isn't like trading out an operative exploit for a combat feat and expecting to get specialization for free; it's built into the power.

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