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Hi, new at SF here. :)

Probably I'm missing something, but if Thasteron Khefak carapaces environmental protections (level 7+ armor) provide you immunity to severe radiation, why then do you get +12 to save when turned on?



Khefak-based armor diffuses radiation better than normal composites and offers environmental protections providing immunity to medium radiation and a +6 circumstance bonus to the initial saving throw against radiation exposure (not sickness). This bonus is +2 even when the environmental protections aren’t functional. If the armor’s item level is 7 or higher, its environmental protections work against high radiation, and the saving throw bonus is +9, or +4 when the environmental protections aren’t functioning. Armor crafted with khefak exoskeleton components costs 500 credits more than normal.

Thasteron khefak carapaces are even more valuable. Armor of item level 6 or lower that incorporates thasteron khefak carapaces acts as armor of item level 7 or higher composed of normal khefak carapaces. If armor of item level 7 or higher incorporates thasteron khefak carapaces, its environmental protections provide immunity to severe radiation, and the circumstance bonus to saving throws against initial radiation exposure is +12, or +6 when the environmental protections are nonfunctional. Armor crafted of thasteron khefak carapace components costs 2,000 credits more than normal.

Future proofing against edge cases where that immunity is bypassed, presumably, though I don't think any currently exist. It's redundant otherwise, as you've noticed, so it could also just be a pretty harmless oversight.

Thx! :)

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