My thoughts on witch

Witch Playtest

Witch was always my favorite class to play in Pathfinder 1. I always thought their hexes gave them fun versatility and flavor that attracted me to them over other spellcasters. I can’t tell you how many witches I have played but they all stand out as different in my mind.

This love does not translate to witch in it’s current state in PF2. Hexes just feel too limited and aren’t interesting enough for me to feel the need to cast them over base spells. When I use them they feel underwhelming and not as fun or interesting as they were in the original game. I sometimes found myself ignoring hexes and choosing to cast spells instead because the hexes just weren’t that fun.

Witch fine spell caster and I enjoy having a familiar but hexes are such an integral part of what makes a witch that for me having them be so lacking really ruins the class. I think more focus needs to be made to make using a hexes truly an interesting and fun option for a witch to make. I also think it would be nice if they had a less hex option that serves as a cantrip like bard song.

Also I feel some work could be done on a patron right now they feel a little bland and I would love for them to offer a bit more flavor to the class.

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