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One of my all time favorite APs. Well designed, fun. Everything I'd want.. I was thinking of running it on a VTT that ends with 20. Wondering if there exists any digital file of the maps, or if anyone has created them that they can share. I imagine they can be imported..


Dungeon issues 114 onward plus 97, 98, 100 (which has two of them) and 108 (meaning all the ones with APs) have a Web Enchantment PDFs with high quality maps. As a bonus they also have notes for adapting them to other settings and clean art of NPCs to make player handouts with. I have no idea where to find these now however.

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Took a bit of digging but I found the Web Enhancement download page deuxhero mentioned.

Another big fan of Age of Worms here. Good luck with your campaign!

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