Was an explicit scenario where the Liberation prestige award is called for?

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In the event that you are captured and forced into slavery, the faction mounts a rescue operation, freeing you from servitude without any material or physical effect. Any cost or penalty normally associated with being enslaved (including magical effects such as dominate person) is negated at no additional cost to you.

Is there any published 1E scenario (Don't need names, just a confirmation and ideally a number of scenarios you know of that have it) where being made a slave is mentioned as a possible result of failure? It seems like a very unlikely thing to be mentioned, especially if excluding being forced into slavery as a possible result of getting arrested in a slave holding nation.

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There are multiple scenarios where you fight slavers, and success is not always guaranteed, sooo...

But are there any where they explicitly aren't defaulting to killing/lethal damage on the PCs or is given as a result of surrender/beaten but stabilized?

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There are, off the top of my head, 4 ways to fail a scenario (generally):

1) TPK (Total Party Killed)
2) TPC (Total Party Captured)
3) TPRA (Total Party Ran Away)
4) TPFXNOSCADDTT (Total Party Failed X Number Of Skill Checks And Didn't Discover The Thing)

The Boon you're referencing helps with #2.

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There's a handful of scenarios that explicitly feature slavers that take prisoners if possible.

Vampires come with the ability to dominate, which could easily end up with a single captured dominated character.

Random Scenario wrote:
During Combat The <REDACTED> uses his spells offensively to capture as many PCs as he can to take back to his colony.

All that said, still quite a rare occurrence.


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