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I genuinely love the direction and concept of Oracle's direction with the intertwined curse and mysteries, and I have gotten a number of thoughts so far as I've built a few oracles to toy around with in playtest environments, but before I start to solidify my opinions I want to ask about the major curse for battle oracle.

Is it intentional that battle oracles who reach their stage of major curse have a whopping 30% chance to just lose their spells as they cast them? It would put the curse closer to the severity of the other curses... and then some. Even if you have your freebie revelation spells left, an almost 1 in 3 chance to lose even those ( not to mention any combat spells, like using harm in melee for battle and bespell weapon) feels genuinely AWFUL to me, so I have to ask.

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The stupefied condition does come with a risk of spell failure, as you're pushing yourself so hard into the combat mindset that casting spells becomes difficult (sort of along the same lines as barbarians not being able to concentrate while Raging). Is that the right balance? That's what we're trying to find out through the playtest, so if you're able to run a higher-level battle oracle through a few encounters and let us know how it works out, we'd love to hear about it!

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Maybe their casting level is lowered instead?

Reverse heightening might be a thought (inverse mystic beacon?), but that would be hard to do because the system wasn't really designed for that.

Alternately, a cleaner version might just lower your effective proficiency level for the duration.

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