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I can't get to load properly on my iPhone. It's been an issue for both versions 13.1.2 and 13.1.3.

(And looking that up, I see they've released a 13.2 today. I'll download it when I get a chance and see, but I'll continue this post anyway.)

What I see when I go to the site is the Pathfinder|Starfinder|Adventure Card Game|etc. drop down menus displayed as indented links on the left side of the screen. On the main page, most of the content appears, but it's not formatted as intended. On any of the Forums pages, I see the same link tree along the left, then below that I'll sometimes see the iOS loading circle and sometimes I won't. In either case, none of the links for the forum threads ever appear.

Does anybody else have this issue, or is it only me?

Paizo Employee Official Tech Team Response

Andostre - we're looking into this.

Thanks. Happy to provide more information if you need it.

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Paizo won't upload for me anymore on Paizo on Chrome from my iPad as of this afternoon. I can get in from Safari, but not from Chrome.

It says you are not providing a secure connection. This is a recent change because I was able to get in on mobile chrome this morning. I can also get in from chrome on a desktop machine.


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FWIW, it's working fine on Firefox for Android.

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