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Full Name

Nirvon Kisk



















Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Nirvon Kisk

He usually only has a grim and serious look on his face. His black hair that covers his head and his face starts graying out ever so slightly.
Nirvon is born into a family full of divine servants, his mother was a priest, his father a cleric, so it was no wonder he was being raised into becoming a servant himself. The town he lived in has been frequented by heroes and adventurers alike that seeked the help of the church to get their wounds cured or their friends resurrected. Due to his father and mother working there he spent a lot of time in the church, the adventurers told him stories about what they did, how they fought evildoers and the like. Every time they were about to start talking about the bad or unethical stuff they one of his parents came around and just looked at them with mean eyes and they stopped immediately, never corrupting his mind.
He started talking about wanting to become an adventurer himself, his parents were concerned at first, but he never stopped talking about it, so they asked a friend who frequents the church to play-fight with him, stick against stick, and show him that fighting is more dangerous than he thinks, but that only excited him more. Afterwards fighting was the only thing he talked about. Even more concerned, his parents discussed the matter and came to the conclusion that they have to put him into the right path without restricting him, so they told him he can be a fighter, adventurer and even a hero, and told him about those “mythical heroes, called paladins”, he was excited right away, which made his parents happy because they found something for their son. He immediately started studying the way of the paladins, learning more about divine powers, helping others and the good, being quizzed by his parents regularly, and on the other hand trained with the adventurers that came to the church.
When he became 18 he moved out to help others, his parents were very sad, but expected this and they were sure he was ready, due to their training, but they forgot to teach him one thing: That the outside world is more cruel than the safe environment of their village and the church. In the first week of his adventure he was robbed and beat down by several groups. Just as he wanted to give up he met a group of adventurers from the Silver Crusade that were currently on a mission. They saw Nirvon being in need of help, so they helped him. He told them his story and happy to have found another fighter for the good, they told him about the society, what they do and how to participate.
Obviously from that point on everything he wanted to do was to join the Silver Crusade, so the adventurers became his friends, helped him on the way and now he is a member of the Silver Crusade. The years of work in the silver crusade managed to get the constant smile out of his face he had as a kid, but he never lost his believe in humanity.
His grim look is but a facade, in reality he is a very cheerful and happy person, but doesn’t let it out too much because he knows that that can sometimes lead to bad situations. His work in the Crusade made him wise enough to think about his actions before doing anything stupid, but his number one priority is and will ever be to help others.