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I have just started running Starfinder and I have been trying to find a random encounter table for Drift travel.

Also, im not sure if the chunk it's brought with you into the drift or in the way out. Or both?

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Alien Archive 3 kind of has this with an “aliens by terrain” index. Listed creatures are:

aspecna (spectra), blinking telelith, Drift architect (Drift native), driftdead, driftdead amalgam, iridia (spectra), paraforan, paraforan fragment, swarming telelith, time eater (Drift native)

Garaggakals are also mentioned to be native to the Drift. And just about anything can show up there by accident.

There are a number of products available as PDF's that have random space travel encounters.

One of the ones I use is in the Starjammer campaign setting.

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