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Had a subscription for Lost Omens books, and last week instead of the character guide being the next book to be shipped, it had automatically skipped forward to Gods & Magic. Since I've been planning on starting a game this month, but was waiting for this guide, I ordered the hardcover without the sub, trying to get the book as quickly and not as overpriced for shipping. Last week it was something like shipping in 1 -5 days and transit in 1 -5 days.

Well fast forward to today, when I thought the book was going to ship, I now have an order with the subscription book added to my own purchase of the book, so double the price, and it still hasn't shipped, and from your website it's saying it might not ship for 1 - 12 days!

Umm...how did this happen and how can I fix it? I just want that book so I can GM, but it seems like it's all screwed up and I have to pay more money and wait longer for a two copies of a book when I just wanted one.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Faustus MD,

It looks like you may have experienced some confusion based on the information the site gives you, which is entirely understandable. At the time that you started your subscription and made this post, the Lost Omens Character Guide was the new release that was just beginning to ship out on October 3rd, and was expected to finish shipping on October 11th. It didn't matter whether you had it as part of a subscription or ordered it separately, as new releases all ship in that same release window. The site does not list this well, as it begins to say 1-5 days for the product as soon as we begin shipping them out, which is not necessarily true. It means that we are currently shipping them, but because it's a new release and we are shipping so many, yours will join the queue right away and will be shipped out prior to the final day of new release shipping which was reflected in the 1-12 day processing time the site quoted you. So just for future reference, for new releases, it's just going to ship along with all the other copies going out regardless of ordering method.

We didn't catch the duplicate copy before it shipped. For that I'm sorry! I have refunded the second book to your store credit. Please use this credit on any other purchase, or on future subscription items coming up. Don't worry about sending the duplicate copy back either. We didn't catch it, and it was a confusing situation that caused the mistake to happen! This time, I hope you have someone in your life who can also use a copy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

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