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I'm missing scenarios 2-07 and 2-08. Is there something wrong with my account, maybe something I can fix? Because this is the third month I've had the complimentary sub, and the third month that I've had to request help because the order didn't auto-generate.

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Hello G0del,

I'm sorry the technical issue with these complimentary subs has been affecting you so consistently. We know why it is happening, and it relates to the way that complimentary subscriptions start up. I have fixed the issue in the way I can, and it should allow your scenarios to generate automatically next time. Unfortunately, until we get a code fix from tech, there are a lot of ways this issue can crop back up. We should have the permanent fix on the way though, so it shouldn't bug you for too much longer!

In the meantime, I got those scenarios on your account. Thank you for yoru patience!

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