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Hello excellent customer service Team!

I’m afraid I made a mistake. First I placed an order for a brick of Legendary Adventures miniatures. (What I’d really like to do is place an order for the entire set/start a Pathfinder Battles subscription). So if you could cancel the order for the brick, I’d appreciate it. Secondly I’d like to have my payment method changed (but not until I can perhaps call and speak to someone at your office). I don’t mean to make what I’m sure is an easy process difficult, but it’s probably just easier to talk to someone.

But please go ahead and cancel the order # 8151269.
Thank you.

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Just pinging this, so it gets noticed

Thank you

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You should probably just call them when they are open tomorrow (between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time) and have them take care of everything at once.

Bumping/pinging threads in this forum is counterproductive since they try to answer them in order from oldest to newest, and each bump makes it newer. I only replied to this thread because I saw that I might be able to help out a bit without making your thread significantly newer.

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