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I always end up making my own character sheets for a new system because I seem to have different opinions on what is important to include and how they should be laid out. I've seen lots of custom sheets popping up, so I thought I'd share mine as well. Maybe get some ideas for improvement, and maybe someone else will find them useful.

IMO, a good character sheet needs to be easy to parse and compact (single page front and back, none of these 4-6 page abominations). It needs a space to draw a picture (this is an important step in character creation for me, and must be of decent size on the front, not some tiny square crammed in the back where nobody sees it). Lastly, it needs plenty of blank lines. I prefer empty space to something like a block for shield stats so that I can write what is important for this particular character instead of having an unusable wasted section.

Gnoam's PF2 character sheet

I guess if someone wants a stripped down bare-bones sheet, they can grab yours. Very utilitarian.

Sovereign Court

It's definitely less intimidating for new players. I like the dots showing where the stats come from, I always have to just do it on scratch paper with an A, B, C, or 1.

Can you make it form-fillable?

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