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Hi I'm just wondering if paizo is going to continue to work on getting their resources on the roll20 system because that is all I can use. I seen that the players handbook for 2nd edition is on there and also a 1st lvl adventure but I'm hoping the 2nd edition bestiary is going to show up there I'd really like to take the content ive created for rappan athuk and just change it to 2nd edition, but I need a bestiary to do that.

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That is up to Roll20, not Paizo themself.

The Pathfinder II Beast book they are working on right now, no release date as of yet. Next they are going the Charactormancer route, early 2020 I beleave. And they will also be putting the Age of Ashes out, no clue when sadly.

Cheers, been on Roll20 over 7 years now, man how time flies when your having fun over there. :)

Best bet as well as posting here is to go to the Roll20 Marketplace & Creative Content forum and start a nice and polite thread there, you will just get a "can't annouce until release time, but it lets them know what the gamers want. I'd preffer Age first, Beast 2nd then Charactermancer last, but not in the cards at this point. And they are updating the character sheet, but not as fast as many of us like :)


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The Pathfinder 2e Bestiary is now live on Roll20. You can check it out on their blog:

Pathfinder Second Edition: Unleash the Beasts!

Roll20 Features:

Compendium expansion for use in-app and on the Roll20 website.
Over 420 creatures, including popular monsters from classic Pathfinder and new monsters.
Drag and Drop creatures right onto the tabletop - Token, creature description, and one-click actions will populate for you!
New languages for an assortment of unique creatures and new rituals for creatures from the Outer Planes.
Upcoming development: CRB integrated spellcasting support - Spellcasting creatures will have any available spells added from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook (sold separately).

You can also use the Paizo API Account Synch to get reduced prices on Roll20.


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Come to think, does Paizo send Roll20 the pawn token pictures for monsters not illustrated in bestiaries that are illustrated in pawns?

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We pretty much send them whatever they ask for - it's really up to them to determine what Paizo products are best for their market. As far as I know, they haven't asked for the Second Edition Bestiary pawns, so we haven't sent those to them.

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