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Hello, i intend to make a character booklet of maybe about 16 pages i could make print with

It's not finished yet as i want to add Companion, Craft and Campaign pages. But for now i could use advices.

You can find it here :

What do you think of it ?

Sorry for the crap english i'm french :)

The one thing that keeps me interested in coming back, is how the community is making very cool play aids for everything.

This is a well done booklet format. I like it.

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Really nice job Arch! I look forward to seeing where you go with it. I love how you have the actions there on the sheet.

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New version :

Update : sharing

This looks pretty amazing. I only have two critiques: I would love to see a spot for familiars, and additional companion sheets, because druids or characters who pick up the beastmaster archetype that is coming next year in the APG will have multiple companions, and I think familiars have stuff companions don't have access to, and vis a versa. It would also be cool if the booklet was available in multiple coolers, especially the 2nd ed deep red, gold and deep blue theme (more like the logo than the awful official sheet).

I can try to add a familiar sheet...
For now the updated file :

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I made a folder with updated files with color and N&B sheets: Here.

If you got feedback i'll try my best to make those sheets better !

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Just an FYI - Using Google Drive you can simply upload new versions of a shared file and existing links will continue to work so long as the name isn't changed. There's no need to create new files and new links each time unless you really want people to have access to older versions.

Yes that's what i've done... too bad we can't edit old post on this forum.

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