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Is there a one day pass option? I have that Saturday off but can't make any of the other dates.

Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch.

Also check out Rivals Games in Hillsboro, another great store in your area.

mearrin69 wrote:

So, his e-mail's not public but I sent him (Jim) a message on your behalf and pointed him to this thread. Hopefully he can help get you going.


There are no current restrictions for signing up with the Portland D&D meetup group and we have been getting one or two new members per day of late. I am afraid I have no idea why your getting logged out of the meetup system when you visit our group. Have you tried asking meetup's support? You might try visiting the group by going direct to our site at instead of searching for us via meetup. I know that shouldn't make a difference but...

Thanks Vic. I wish I didn't have to cancel but that's the way it goes sometimes. I will keep picking up Pathfinder at my local game store though, great product!

I need to cancel my Pathfinder Subscription. Thank you.

I will definitely be buying the core rulebook, I will probably buy the Beta copy when it comes out.

Cosmo wrote:
Duroon wrote:

Yeah I would like to get the rest of the order since there is no way of knowing how much longer for the pre-ordered stuff. Thanks Cosmo.

I have moved the preorders onto a new order (for which you should have just received a confirmation email), and I will get the remainder shipped out to you as soon as possible.


Thanks Cos, I had to change payment method on the order as the pre paid card I used before was short a couple bucks. All should be ready to go now though.

Cosmo wrote:

We have not received word on these minis, yet. Since it is so close to the end of April (i.e. tomorrow), they probably won't be out in April. Not having any other information, the only answer I have for their release date is: "Soon". I wish I could provide a more definitive answer than that. If you'd prefer, I can move the preorders onto a separate order so we can ship what we have right away? If so, please let me know.


Yeah I would like to get the rest of the order since there is no way of knowing how much longer for the pre-ordered stuff. Thanks Cosmo.

Wow, I don't think I have ever had a question about an order go this long with no reply from customer service.

Any word on whether or not this will ship in April as it is expected to? I know that the next wave of Pathfinder mini's is what's holding it up, as there are only a couple of days left in April has there been any word from crocodile games on when they will be showing up?

Well for Demogorgon I am using Reaper's demonic lasher.

For Charon I am using Reaper's Charon complete with boat.

And for Malcanthet I am using Reaper's Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen

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Seeing as how I live in the Pacific Northwest I will let you all in on a rather peculiar trait of the denizens of my area. I have had friends move away from home, usually when I talk to them they make some sort of statement about how they miss the rain. A lot of people visit the Oregon coast during the winter so they can watch the spectacular storms coming in from the Ocean. My house grows moss on the north side which I have to clean off every spring once the rainy season stops (it hasn't yet). Labrador Retrievers are popular dogs for the area as they have webbed feet. And of course one of the popular college's in the area has a duck for a mascot.

Druids should not get the Turn Undead ability. They are, quite frankly, powerful enough.

Finally got these in the mail today (I ordered a Valeros, 2x sinspawn,and the Nualia & Elyrium package) and I have to say they all look great! I am stoked to get the next batch now! Crocodile did a great job on these, hardly any flash lines to file down and fantastic details!

I am not sure why this came to me in the middle of the night but anyhow.

I am going to be trying out this solution to the skills dilema.

Class Skills
d20 + (Character level- Level Skill Aquired) + 4 + Ability Modifier + Racial Modifier + Misc Modifier

Cross Class Skills
d20 + ( 1/2 (Character level- Level Skill Aquired)) + 4 + Ability Modifier + Racial Modifier + Misc Modifier

I changed the +3 to +4 to keep 1st level skills at the same bonus as the Alpha pdf has currently. I think this addresses the main concern that skills aquired later in the game won't be as well trained as ones aquired at first level while keeping the simplicity of Jason's original method.

For me this poll didn't really have enough options. I am in the I intend to play both 3.5 and 4th edition camp, and I have been for a long time now. The D&D experience info did nothing to sway me in either direction.

My 2 cents

WOTC has stated very simply that any 3.5 content will not be able to be converted to 4th edition, the rulesets are just too different. If that's the case the first 4 Pathfinder AP's will have to be thrown out or completely rewritten for Paizo to make the switch.

Paizo has been putting off starting work on the 3rd AP for the 4th edition info from WOTC, WOTC hasn't sent it to them yet.

I look forward to what Paizo comes up with every month. What has WOTC given us lately? They changed Dragon and Dungeon magazine into an online format that, quite frankly, sucks. I love D&D and have been playing it since the 70's. I will very likely play 4th edition D&D but right now I am a little vexed with WOTC's decisions, especially concerning third party companies.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Turns out that Erik spoke with Crocodile a couple of days ago, and the first wave should be on the way to us as we speak!

Now I just have to keep the party from reaching Nualia at this weekend's game! Shouldn't be too difficult though, they have been progressing through this first chapter exceedingly slowly. I had imagined the first chapter taking a couple of game sessions (we play once a month for 6-8 hours) but this will be their third session of it and they just reached Thistletop at the end of last session. A very cautious bunch as our last DM would throw us a near TPK every session it seemed like.

I love the look of the Pathfinder mini's I have seen on the site. I hope that when I have them in my hands they are as good as their pictures. If so I will be purchasing them on a regular basis. Hmmm perhaps a Pathfinder mini subscription?? Yeah I'm addicted to this stuff.

Still no word from Crocodile Games on when that first batch of mini's will be arriving? I have been eagerly awaiting these for quite a while now and was really hoping to get them before I no longer need them for my campaign. Has there been any word at all from Crocodile??

If they get shipped mid march I might have them in time. My next session for that group won't be till the 22nd. At the rate they are going they may not meet Nualia that session anyway. I just hope the next batch comes out a little quicker. I need to order some of those as well!

Ok, I know that the initial run was put off until sometime this month. Has there been any further word on these? I really would like to get a hold of them before my next session of ROTR. So any news?

I have managed to keep my party from separating by nearly killing them all every time they have tried it in the past. The one time the rogue went off solo he did so near the end of a session, he had to wait a week to find out if he needed to roll up a new character or not. He has not wanted to go off solo since.

Well Avner is still going strong in my campaign. Currently the party is about 2/3 of the way through HTBM and he has been rather subdued with all the combat. Currently most of the party is trying to figure out how they can "let him die" and still maintain their alignments as they travel along the cliff side path.

I posted a pic of the Wyvern I built on this other site here Hirst Arts Forum. Third post down is the ship I built. I am looking at redoing the whole thing using the wooden plank mold Hirst puts out.

el_skootro wrote:

Well, one of my players went out and bought the Dragon issue with Lavinia's mother's journal. Now I have a new problem: my players are so excited for the Isle of Dread that they want to skip right through the Sea Wyvern's Wake and just land at the isle already. Oy Gevalt.

El Skootro

You could let them skip ahead, of course then there will be a total party wipe and the AP will end there. My friend that is playing in this AP has been geeking out about the isle of dread from the very start. We both played the original Isle of Dread when we were kids.

Actually there are several articles pertaining to the isle of dread in Dragon magazine. Not the least of which is a copy of Lavinia's mother's journal from her time spent there entitled "Ecology of the Isle of Dread". Dragon issues 350 - 352 are excellent sources for info on the Isle.

The shadow pearl, once smeared with blood, resets after one minute or 10 rounds I believe if not activated.

That giant flightless bird looks perfect, I have the reaper mini already. Wish I could afford a few more of these but I can't buy more before my group will be pretty much through with them.

Nope the Sea Wyvern map does not currently exist in PDF form. I scanned it myself then built a model of the ship using the scans and popsicle sticks. Not the greatest job, but it is nice to have it three dimensional.

No there isn't any reason for him to end up there. However a vengeful soul might just find a way. Besides just think about the hilarity of popping Avner in on your PC's as they are about to assault Wat Dagon or something.

Perhaps for those groups that have managed to "off" Avner in some way it could be interesting if his soul found them once again in the Abyss.

I just finally ordered my subscription on the 23rd but already I am wringing my hands in anticipation of that blessed email saying it has been shipped.

If you have access to Stormwrack I would just pick the next larger size of ship and stat the Nixie that way. I don't have access to that at work or I could give you a better idea. I am pretty sure it is listed as a caravel in the first installment.

So Avner is quite the interesting character, I figure most of us have had some fun with his antics. My group took a rather immediate dislike to him. Post what your group has either done to him or what kind of trouble he has caused.

When he showed up late at the docks insisting his horse and servants come along my PC's told him to come aboard so they could discuss it. Soon as he stepped on deck they pulled up the gangplank and set sail. He was allowed a private cabin though as no one wanted to share a room with him.

When he tried to buy an Olman female at the village of Renkrue the sorcerer/favored soul decked him. Zellimere (the sorcerer/favored soul) had been throwing a kegger on the beach and so was a good way towards drunk. He took great offense with Avner and in his inebriated state had no problem with laying him out. This of course pleased the village chief.

The Nixie is technically a Caraval but the floorplans for it make it nearly twice the size of the Sea Wyvern.

Well here it is, my first PC death in STAP

PC: Layleth Elven Warblade lvl 5
Adventure: Sea Wyvern's Wake
Catalyst: 2 Ettins with rather large clubs

For whatever reason the party decided to check out the rumors of monsters on Ruja Island. They figured out a way to climb the 1000 feet high cliffs and were quickly assaulted by three terror birds. They waltzed through them and decided to look for something more challenging inland. They found a cave and roused three Ettins who came charging out at them. Neglecting to mention he was already at half health from the terror bird encounter Layleth charged the first Ettin. A second Ettin decided to help the first against this imposing foe, the third going after the parties rogue. Layleth was bludgeoned to death within a few rounds, splattering the druid who was trying to heal him with blood. He gave a good accounting of himself before dieing and the rest of the party managed to finish the Ettins off with no further deaths.

My PC's took a strange turn with the ooze. The Druid dropped universal solvent on it. She had picked up some vials of the stuff in response to the tanglefoot bag trap earlier in the AP. My take on the ooze was that it's secretions are what would enable it to grab, climb, hold onto anything. The universal solvent rendered the ooze unable to grab ahold of anyone, however it could still hit them with a slam attack. It smacked the warblade a couple times but the rest of the party just kept nailing it with lightening bolts and magic missle's from a distance. I allowed the universal solvent attack because the Sorcerer did ask the druid before attacking if she knew what kind of creature that was, she made a great Knowledge check roll and so knew a few things about the ooze. I had forgotten that she had that solvent though and next round she was dumping it on the ooze.

I can't for the life of me get that link to work. I am getting close to that encounter with my group too.

Never mind, I managed to find it.

My group has gotten started with SWW and next session should be getting to the Tamoachan ruins.

They did a great job keeping Avner from bringing along his horse. When Avner showed up late, demanding his horse come along, they asked him to come aboard and discuss it. While discussing it they yanked up the gang plank and set sail, leaving his two servants holding the reins of the horse on the dock.

I have found the spellcasters in my group seem to want to hang onto their spells for big encounters. First few sessions they burnt through their alloted spells and felt useless for the rest of the session I guess. Funny thing is the Favored Soul/Sorcerer in the party seems to hardly ever cast spells. I am sure things will change however once things get a little higher level. Right now my group has just finished up The Bullywug Gambit.

Beastmaster would come in handy for certain parts of STAP. Any one of the Animal Lord variants as well. Druids have access to the Infused Spellcaster prestige class also (Dragon magazine #321 page 19). Lion of Talisid out of the book of exalted deeds. Master of Many Forms from the Complete Adventurer. Nature's Warrior from the Complete Warrior.

There was a Green dragon on the Isle of Dread in the original module X1. I believe there are still rumors of this Green residing on the Isle in the AP. One of my players went through X1 when I DM'ed it back in the 70's and is geeking about running into that dragon again in the AP. Not sure how I will add it back in but since they do have a party of 5 they are a little behind on XP. If they are still lagging on XP I could throw in the green as an extra encounter.

I found a mini online that looks like it could work for the mashers. Path=3&products_id=23

It is called a mongolian death worm and it is supposed to be 7 inches long altogether.

I am not sure how much this will add to the discussion but here goes. Water does not conduct electricity well. It is the contaminants in the water that do the conducting. That being said salt water is very contaminated. Electricity moves towards ground as quickly as possible which is why a lightening strike will hit the highest wave at sea. Being a conductor, due to contaminants, the sea water then diffuses the electricity rapidly. My take on this, if I were going to change the effect of a spell based on real world physics, is that the lightening bolt would lose some of it's range but spread out more as a cone. As it is I am happy to stick with Magic trumps real world physics and go with the spell as written.

There is a real life reason not to have banana's aboard a ship actually. Banana's produce a gas that accelerates the ripening, and rotting, of other foods. A bunch of banana's in the hold would spoil most of the ship's food supply within a week.

I also would love a copy of this. My PC's are currently at Kraken's Cove poking around and if they survive will most likely be taking the Sea Wyvern home with them. The only member of the party with ranks in Profession:Sailor does have savage fever though. Anyhow please a copy to duroondgr at yahoo dot com

Guy Humual wrote:
But the Brothels are in the Azure district, I guess it depends on your priorities.

There are brothels in every district pretty much.

R-type wrote:
Say if you were an explorer type just coming to spend a few days in the city maybes to stock up then set off to Cauldron etc...

The merchants quarter has near everything you could imagine for stores to supply a party. Also Inn's to stay at and etc. Download the players guide to Savage Tide, it details the city quite well and is available as a free download here on the Paizo site.

Sorry should have said scanned then printed on cardstock. I had to print it as 4 seperate pages and am cutting and pasting things together. The cardstock is curling a bit and now I am about to start glueing some flat sticks I picked up at a hobby store to the bottom. I am hoping they should be flat and stable enough to hold the mini's when all done. I have been side tracked with painting mini's though last few days. Reaper makes a mini called the Demonic Lasher that is a dead wringer for Demogorgon and they also make a Charon mini complete with boat . At $9.75 for the lasher it is cheaper than WOTC's Aspect of Demogorgon (over $14 I believe)

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