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I signed up to GM (note: first time GMing PFS so if I could have avoided this car crash, don't be snarky about pointing it out) a game and two people no-showed. Two people did show, and three of us decided to run the game informally with two pregens.

Partway through, two players new to TTRPGs arrived, and we played the rest of the session with four players. The new players played more than half, but very close to 2/3 of the whole adventure.

As none of us expected credit when we started, we did not register the new players for PFS numbers. It also did not occur to me that them playing 1/2 or 2/3 of the adventure may have had been important (probably my bad).


Here's where the trouble starts.

The next day, I was putting away the blank Chronicle sheets when I noticed that 10-16 (What the Helms Hide) is specifically designed to give partial credit. We completed 2 parts with 4 PCs and I believe entitled to partial credit.

I don't have an obvious way to contact the two new players. They are a couple, so it's very likely I will get neither or both.

There is no problem if I can get contacts.

If I can't, what are the options? Can we report a game with two unknowns? Register dummy accounts? Are we just SOL?

Furthermore, what happens if one of the two non-new players doesn't want the partial credit (presumably so they can play the scenario for full credit)?

To be clear, I would prefer the partial credit as a GM, as it's unlikely I would have the opportunity to GM this for full credit.

Grand Lodge 4/5

I understand:

  • you can report a game with two players, or none,
  • if later one or both of the new players get PFS numbers, you can update the session.

So I can just submit an incomplete report and update later?

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Netherlands aka Woran

Watery Soup wrote:
So I can just submit an incomplete report and update later?


Silver Crusade 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West aka Wendy-Ann

Watery Soup wrote:
So I can just submit an incomplete report and update later?

Yes you can and as I believe you are in my area I am more than happy to help. My email is on the coordinator's page or if you are attending this weekend's PacifiCon come talk to me in PFS/SFS room.

I'll see you at Pacificon, but I've gotten contacts from all players so I think I'll be able to register this normally.


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