Map packs for Age of ashes?

Age of Ashes

will there be at battlemap pack for Age of ashes?

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Every one wants one but so far the answer has been no for Adventure paths. Flip Mats/Battle map packs.

There are flip tiles that will fill the need for alot of it, but not custom for Age of Ashes.

If you buy the PDF version of the AP Module you get a pdf set that you can print out but not sure the scale or the quality. I haven't printed it yet. I think the Secret Doors though are static on the drawings so that is a downside for me but I can edit it in a image editor.

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I've printed all 4 of the Hellknight Hill maps. I skipped the town hall because it's one of the most boring maps I've ever seen (I used the theater flip map for the session). The only issues I have with them are that several of them are huge and the secret door markings are included. Huge = only fitting a 36x48 paper when slightly smaller than 1 inch grid for the first level of the citadel. The secret doors are static. I left them, might just color them in with a sharpie before the next session to help the players not metagame...

I wouldn't expect print product for these. They don't create flip maps that large, nor are these spaces that are generic enough to be generally reusable.

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