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Hi, this order, which was completed on July 5, is still listed pending, and cites the reason as "waiting for items that are on backorder."

However, neither book that I ordered (P2 core rulebook, and AP #144) are listed as on backorder/out of stock on the store. I know you guys are swamped and just back from GenCon, but I'd appreciate your checking on the order when you get a chance. Thanks for your help.

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I know it's risky to bump this because you generally attend to older messages first, but I posted two weeks ago and emailed about it and have received no response to either--and am seeing responses to issues more recent than mine. I have a feeling this order is hung in the system due to the cancellation of the Hellknight Hill AP (which I never ordered to begin with). It still says "pending due to items on backorder" but to my knowledge neither item I ordered are actually on backorder.

Is there a way to cancel this out and reorder this, separately if need be?
It would be nice to at least be able to access my Tyrant's Grasp pdf which I should have gotten a month ago when it came out mid July. (I don't understand why it all got packed together with my pre-order of P2 anyway--they should have been far enough apart to have shipped separately.)

If this cannot be resolved soon, is it possible to cancel the order? I would rather at this point just buy my 2e core rulebook from my local game store and support them.

Thank you.

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Hello DeathQuaker,

It looks like the order did get stuck, likely due to the cancelled item. I have pried it free and am getting it out the door. If you prefer I cancel the Core Rulebook please let me know.

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Thanks, Diego! I just saw the auth hit my credit card. We are good to go. Thank you.

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