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Hi all

I'm going to be running a small adventure for some friends based around the idea of clearing out a keep that is currently infested with Goblins - I've got some goblin dogs and dire rats and usual type goblins, but I wanted some of the box goblins to be classed

the players will be level one and there are 4, so a standard encounter would be CR1

I've created a level one sorcerer, which according to the core rule book has a CR rating of 1/2 and an exp award of 200. To take this up to a CR1 encounter I would either need to make the sorcerer a level 2 or would add some additional beasties like an additional goblin or two - each 1/3 CR or 135 exp.

if I wanted to make it a tough encounter (CR2) I could make the sorcerer level 2 (effective CR 1) and still add 2 extra goblins

is that correct?

You certainly can, and whatever your total xp ends up being is the encounter's CR - though, don't expect a CR2 to be very tough,if the players are experienced. most 1st level parties handle CR2 well, and only really start having trouble at CR3.

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