POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Most useful bane weapon (and other magic items) for Strange Aeons?

Strange Aeons

GM here. I'm customizing some of the treasure in this adventure path, to better reflect the particulars of my players' characters. For instance:

The Thrushmoor Terror:
The reward for Event 6: A Request for Aid is listed as a mithral heavy shield. None of my PCs use shields, and are unlikely to (there's a monk, a rogue, a psychic, and an occultist) simply because it's really nice.

I'd like to substitute a +1 something bane temple sword (the rogue and occultist already have nice magic weapons). For GM who have run this, what do you think the most useful bane target would be?

Also, are there other magic items that you might recommend substituting for treasure at various points?

(I'm dissuading the PCs from doing a lot of shopping or crafting, especially in the first two books. I find it kind of diffuses the atmosphere of horror. "Oh no! Shoggoths everywhere!" "Well, we killed them, at great cost to our sanity. Now let's go buy some rings of protection, potions of cure, and cloaks of resistance down at the local WalMage.")

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The two most useful would probably be aberration or undead. Note that there is an aberration-bane available weapon elsewhere in the AP.

As to your shopping issues...shopping isn't going to be much of a thing for the PCs for pretty much the entirety of book 3.

Thanks! Very helpful. I'll scan through for that aberration-bane weapon.

Re: shopping, I made sure to let my players know that they should not expect the typical Pathfinder shopping experience. Two of them asked me to build their amnesiac characters, so I designed them around not needing specific equipment. The other two have done a good job of not being too wealth-dependent.

Still, it's nice to give them gear that will be useful, instead of gear that is just a gp-substitute they'll sell for something useful.

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