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Last night I was making an NPC that did Harrow readings. I wanted to see how likely it was to provide a benefit vs. a penalty. So I made a spreadsheet. Find it here.

Let me know what you think, and any suggestions.



I like that it gives a FAST summary, and I've worked out most of how it works ... but what function do B5 and B7 have on Sheet1?

The only other suggestion I have, is: Give a brief walk-through on how things work, what active things should be changes, and what active things should NOT be changed.

One thing I've started doing with my own widgets, is color code Inputs as one color, and Outputs as another. This may be something you want to consider.

As a physical deck is amongst my collection, I am unlikely to use this often (The deck is a thing of Beauty), but I can see serious use for anyone who does NOT own a deck, as the speed is excellent.

B5 & B7: bug. Fixed it. They give the long text of the alignment listed.

I color coded the input.

Hit [recalc] to generate a new reading.

Walk thru:
Sheet 1
. Cells A3, A5, and A7 -- Inputs
. Cells E2:E10 -- What cards do you draw
. Cells A13 and A15 -- Summary of results
. Others -- Descriptions of the summary
Sheet 2
. Cells A2:B7 -- Lookup for random card suit
. Cells D2:E7 -- Lookup for suit's meaning
. Cells H2:J11 -- Lookup for random card value
. Cells L2:N10 -- Lookup for alignment text and opposed alignment
. Cells A14:B22 -- Random numbers to determine the drawn card
. Cells C14:C22 -- Card's alignment
. Cells D14:D22 -- Card's suit
. Cells E11:E22 -- Card's effect
. Cells F11:F22 -- Card's benefit/penalty due to alignment
. Cells G11:L22 -- Split out benefit/penalty into suit
. Cells M11:R22 -- Split out penalties
. Cells S11:X22 -- Split out benefits
. Cells M23:R23 -- Sum of penalties by suit
. Cells S23:X23 -- Sum of benefits by suit
. Cells M24:R24 -- Description of penalties by suit
. Cells S24:X24 -- Description of benefits by suit
. Cell M25 -- Aggregate description of penalties
. Cell S25 -- Aggregate description of penalties
. Cell M26 -- Cleaned up description of penalties
. Cell S26 -- Cleaned up description of penalties


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