How is extended damage (additional dice) with weapons handled?

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Being european I sadly have to wait until August for receiving my copies. But I have a nagging curiosity about what's stated in the subject and hope for some insight of anybody being lucky to already own the books.
In the playtest increased weapon damage was tied to the quality of the weapon (if my memory serves me right or was it by enhancement runes?). There was some discussion about playtesters that increased weapon damage might be better tied to the level of the character to display the growing prowess with growing experience than only to the weapon.

How is this handled in the final product? Is increased weapon damage by additional damage dice still tied to the weapon or was this altered or removed completely?

Thanks in advance! =)

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It's tied to striking runes on weapons.

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You can still increase weapon damage die using runes, but it isn't the potency runes, it's a new type of rune called Striking. Also the total amount of damage die you can increase with runes is reduced (it went up to 5 extra dice in the playtest but I think it's 3 now).

Outside of that, I believe there are more ways to increase your damage via class abilities than there were in the playtest. So it's a bit of both, really.

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