Examining Burglar in character decks

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Burglar had the Trigger trait and the effect "When examined, encounter this card."

If Burglar is in your character deck and you use an effect to examine it - Harrower's, say - are you forced to remove it from your deck and encounter it?

Never thought of this situation before, probably because i usually don't examine my deck.

But the rules certainly seem to say so, as well as this old thread for Mummys Mask that brings up more or less the same question.


And if you don't aquire it when encountering it, you apparently you have to banish it according to the rules.

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Examine applies to a Stack. The Stack is identified at the time by the power but I believe the default Stack is Location, to work easily with the Trigger mechanic.
Your character cards are in a deck.
So you only examine your deck if told to, like the 2nd power of the "Magnifying Glass".

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If you get too nosy with the Burglar, he might steal something and skip out on you.

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Ok, that makes him sneaky/nasty. Need to remember when he is your deck then, which means you will forget and it will happen ;)

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