Is there an organization like this in Golarion?

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Is there something like Amnesty International? Maybe call it something like "The Society for Sentient Creature Rights" or something?

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Nothing that general, but there are more specific organizations like the Bellflower Network.

The Steel Falcons of Andoran (one of the branches of the Eagle Knights) is the closest I have found, but they are a primarily militant organization.

Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, p. 30 wrote:
The Steel Falcons of the Eagle Knights serve as Andoran’s foreign emissaries, traveling throughout the Inner Sea region in an effort to spread the philosophies of common rule and oppose tyranny in both word and deed. (...) Steel Falcon units travel the world freeing slaves, sinking slaving ships, and convincing foreign officials to reject practices of slavery. Steel Falcons strive to embody the Andoren ideals of freedom, democracy, and justice in an effort to lead others to political and social enlightenment by example. (...) While they occasionally serve as envoys and diplomats, Steel Falcons more often indulge audiences with pure demagoguery. The Steel Falcons organize in small battalions, and upon reaching new territory, they spread out and begin teaching others about human liberties, the People’s Revolt, and the principles upon which their nation was founded.

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Good Outsiders might be a match, though they mostly dwell on the Outer Planes.

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In the Encarthen region, the masked priests of Razmir pretty well fill the multi-national humanitarian role, albeit they're probably also causing the humanitarian crises and hopefully (to them) setting up a situation where the victims end up beholden to Razmirran in some fashion by the resolution. They're bad guys, who do a lot of good works to "fix" problems (that they create) in gullible communities.

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