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Hey there! I wanted to get some impute from people. So I know Mind Thrust is kina the Mystics bread and butter damage spell, but I have a small fluff problem with it. If one is playing a Mystic of Iomedae is there another way to think of mind thrust as far as flavor is concerned, it just seems very against her character to be OK with a spell that, based on its description, essentially dose damage by forcing your way into there mind and then punching it.

Make the victim feel every evil they've ever visted upon anyone else. All at once.

You're overloading them with "psychic information".

That information could be anything. Could even be a sermon, if you wanted.

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"You're bad and you should feel bad"

Ascalaphus wrote:
"You're bad and you should feel bad"



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I've done exactly this with my own character, the Heart Collector, reflavoring it to be much more like death clutch from Pathfinder.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of reflavoring, just as long as everyone is on the same page as to what is mechanically occuring.

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I tend to imagine the Iomedae version of Mind Thrust as resembling an astral sword or spear, launched right at the target. Its a weapon wielded in the cause of righteousness, just one formed out of psychic energy. Nothing antithetical.

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