Another "Price in Cart not showing sale price" thread

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Last night (about 9 hours ago), I added a few items to my cart and they were correctly priced (i.e. they showed the current sales price). As I was going through the checkout process, I decided to add another item so I started the checkout procedure again but this time I noticed the price displayed was the list price and not the sale price.

Checked again this morning, still the same. Tried to log out and log back in, still the same.

Due to this, I haven't completed the checkout procedure. As mentioned, the checkout prices seemed to be working correctly about 9 hours ago but since then the checkout prices now show the full sales price instead of the sales price.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative


During the time you are referencing, we were experiencing a technical issue, site-wide, which was applying an apparent 15% discount to all displayed prices. This was not an actual discount or promotion which was on, and only affected product page display prices. As this was a display error rather than a price change, correct prices displayed in the cart. We have since corrected the display issue. I understand this is very disappointing and I’m sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

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