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Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Anyone have a feel for the total hippogriffs the Sable company has? I'm feeling around 75

Guide to Korvosa says this about hippogriffs: "dozens of which perch within the high aerie of the Great Tower and serve as the mounts for the city’s elite Sable Company." - page 3

Roughly 200 Sable Company marines (about two-thirds of the entire company) - page 16

So there's around 300 sable company, but only a "dozens of mounts" (assume 36) at the main headquarters, It seems that from some of the text that there would be a high number (2 dozen?) also on watch, a group at Veldraine (another dozen), finally, a few for training purposes at Endrin Military Academy.

So at full power, that would mean a mount for about 1/4th of their forces.

Anyone have any thoughts on anything I missed?

Sovereign Court

Those numbers seem about right to me, keeping in mind that the marines probably also have a ship or two, since they're supposed to be both air and sea-defenders.

I'm going to assume that they have one or two big ships to carry 60 griffs total and those ships have crews of 20 each. Then, the ground forces would probably also have horses (or axebeaks) for quick deployment.

You also have to keep in mind that military numbers can sometimes include beasts. For example, a war elephant would itself be counted among the number, maybe multiplied by 4. So, for our purposes, 300 human soldiers, but on paper, it'd probably be something along the line of 400 total number.

I'm partial to the idea of demigriffs in Korvosa, from Warhammer Fantasy battle, but with a more crow-like bent. Take the standard hippogriff and apply the Avian template in reverse. Look up pictures of the siracosphinx for reference. Otherwise, axebeaks are a good alternative, since they're nimble and fit the avian theme of the sable company.

I figured closer to 40, but 75 seems reasonable too. Whatever you feel makes your campaign feel the most real.

In my game most of the Sable Company is north near Kaer Maga dealing with a threat that's unique to our campaign. So there's very few in the city, which makes their eventual fate a simpler thing to arrange.

Liberty's Edge

I came up with a similar number when I did my mental math, accounting for the idea that (as in contemporary real world militaries) only members of the officer corps would be permitted flying duty.

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