Help w Campaign Start: 1st game for these backstories


Beginning a campaign with 4 players. I need adventure ideas for the first session.
It seems fitting to drive them towards the Kingmaker material, given the backstories, but I am not sure how to get them there.

2 PCs are half-brothers who have never met. They are illegitimate sons of the late Lord Lebeda and now that Lander Lebeda (the "legitimate" heir) is of age to become Lord, he has seen to the arrest of any illegitimate older brothers who threaten his rule.

1 PC is a sorcerer, also on the run because of the unfortunate development of her powers.

(4th PC is a gnome cleric with an undefined backstory)

So, that leaves me wanting to do an "Elder Scrolls" styled start, where the PC's meet in jail somewhere, waiting to be transported back to their pursuers for execution.

Play can begin either in jail or in transit in a paddywagon.

From here I am grateful for any ideas and help.

I know that I'd like the session to finish near or in Oleg's Trading Post, in someone's good graces enough to have received a charter to explore the Stolen Lands (loosely dipping into Kingmaker AP as long as players are into it.)
I'd like to explore potential revenge plots or Game of Thrones style noble drama from the backstories later down the road.


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