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Hi all,

I'm reporting a GM Session of Data Breach, under an event that I have with multiple sessions.

I've added my 703 character number under GM number, and added the Dataphiles faction. The Scenario also awards 1 extra reputation with the Dataphiles, which the players earned and I checked the box for.

When I go to my Organized Play characters, I see the session, and under Fame it shows GM 2 (shouldn't it be 3 with the extra Rep point?). My character's reputation total has not changed, though, so either I've done something wrong or there is a bug.

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No. Fame is separate from Reputation.

They don't track Reputation on the website.

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The "GM 2" means "one table of credit" when calculating GM Novas.

GMing an AP volume, for example, awards you "GM 4", for two tables of credit, even though you earn 5 Fame.

It's a holdover from Pathfinder Society and will hopefully get an update at some point.

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