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As new products are being announced for 2E that seem to be all coming out at launch, I have a few orders that would likely be shipped together.

I may have missed this information elsewhere, but I wanted to see if these orders would recalculate and combine shipping closer to shipment date? Or is cancelling an reordering the only way to do that?

Has this been covered anywhere, or any further clarification?

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Hi Vaku,

Thanks for your question! Our system wouldn't automatically combine these orders, and once an order is submitted there isn't a way to combine it with other submitted orders. In this case, what I can do is go ahead and consolidate everything into one order, recalculate shipping, and send you a new confirmation email so you can make sure the details are correct.

For future reference, when you are going through checkout to make a new order, you should be able to view different shipping options which should include combining with any orders that are pending. If you're not able to combine orders that way, you can always notify Customer Service and we'll be able to take care of it as long as the orders have not yet processed for shipment.

If you have a subscription in the future, you'll be able to put items in your sidecart, which means that they will remain pending until your next subscription order is generated, and it will automatically send out with that order. (Assuming that the sidecarted item is available and in stock.) You can find more information about sidecarts in our FAQ here.

I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have in the meantime, and I will be happy to assist you. Thanks!

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Hi Vaku

If it's okay to offer unsolicited advice - it may well be useful for you to look into the subscription options (even if you're only going to get the first few batch of products).

If you preorder, you'll get the books at roughly the same time. If you set up subscriptions for those books, you'll also be granted at least some of the PDFs (plus you may well get access to them before the streetdate, although this isn't guaranteed).

Furthermore (depending on which products you're getting and how the subscription benefits shake out - it hasn't yet been announced) some of them will offer discounts, so you'll just pay less.

Paizo's subscriptions are a convenience but not an obligation - if you get the first batch and don't like them you can cancel the subscription at no cost (and with no embarrassment - this is how it's meant to work).

Anyhow - apologies if you know all that. I just didn't see any subscriber tags, so I figured it might be useful information.


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