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Dear Customer Service:

I write in regards to my experience with PaizoCon 2019 in that it was a very disappointing and infuriating experience in regards to scheduling accountability. To elaborate, I signed up for overnight events this year with the expectations they would be occurring. (It was also convenient as I didn't have to ruin my sleep schedule due to regularly working graveyard.) However, my experience has proven otherwise. Of the three overnight games I signed up for in advance (and was ticketed), none of them launched. I signed up for seven games in total over the course of the weekend. Therefore, nearly half of the convention didn't happen for me.

I could forgive a misfire happening once, but not three from a large publishing company behind the organization of their own event for each night (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). I drove several hours to attend this year along with paying for my own room and board at the DoubleTree Hotel where the convention was to be held. Save for a couple bright spots, my experience was utterly ruined and I seek recompense.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Tsriel,

I'm sorry that your experience at PaizoCon wasn't everything you expected it to be! I anticipate that these events did not fire due to a lack of players during that late night timeframe. While Organized Play does their best to provide the GMs and scenarios, and we support the scheduling and space for these games to be organized, we cannot guarantee that it will have the participation necessary if participants aren't able or interested in attending the game. Thank you for letting us know that these games had trouble firing, and we'll take this into consideration for the games occurring at this time. I hope you still enjoyed the other games you were able to participate in!

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