[Spheres of Power] Bear Sphere, Unironically amazing?

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Bear with me for a moment (Yes I know that pun was bearly bearable.. ok I'll stop) but the Bear Sphere, despite the bad puns and it obviously being an April Fools joke (I also doubt it's very balanced, but what do you expect from an April Fools joke), but I'd just like to note a few things about it.

1: I feel like the idea of "Channeling an animal Spirit" Could have easily been its own sphere along the lines of nature or weather, we have Fire , Water, Earth, Air, Plants, and Metal for druids, but not a whole lot for Animal druids other than Alteration (and nature's Animal Friend talent technically). And maybe a druid doesn't want to transform into animals and merely wants to call upon spirits for power (Yes technically the Spirit Mender would be in this category but it gives up basically any ability to fight and bring the wrath of nature alongside its kindness)

2: The Child of Hope is basically the first time I've ever seriously wanted to play a Druid, because I want to channel my inner Disney Princess/ Dr. Doolittle. I want to walk with the animals. Talk with the animals, grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals!

The Bear Sphere actually has a number of very good talents; rage is always nice to have, and Bear Arms can make for a very interesting natural attack build given that you can have three bites (and therefore abilities that only apply to one type of weapon will apply to all of your natural attacks). Grin and Bear It and Paws and Reflect are both great defensive options, and you can even use it to be a pretty good scholar with Think Think Think.

That's always the problem with April Fools stuff. Sometimes they are just awesome.

Like the Battle Chef

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