Need clarification on Animal Focus ability.

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Good afternoon all!

I know this has been the subject of a fair amount of discussion in the past, but has there ever been a stance on the ability to switch between aspects freely?

Here is the section for those interested:

At 1st level, a hunter can take on the aspect of an animal as a swift action. She must select one type of animal to emulate, gaining a bonus or special ability based on the type of animal emulated and her hunter level. The hunter can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. The hunter can emulate only one animal at a time.

The hunter can also apply one of these aspects to her animal companion. Unlike with the hunter herself, there is no duration on the animal aspect applied to her animal companion. An aspect applied in this way does not count against the hunter’s minutes of duration per day—it remains in effect until the hunter changes it. The companion’s aspect can be the same aspect the hunter has taken on or a different one. The hunter can select or change the animal foci on both herself and her animal companion as part of the same swift action.

If the hunter’s animal companion is dead, the hunter can apply her companion’s animal focus to herself instead of her animal companion. This is in addition to the normal one she can choose, and (as with a companion’s focus) remains in effect until the hunter changes it instead of counting against her minutes per day.


So, when it comes to switching, would it be:

A) You can switch as a swift action, but you have to use another minute of animal focus.


B) You can switch as a swift action as many times as you want.

Please note, I am referring to the usage on the character and not the companion.

Many thanks all!

Each time you switch animal focus on yourself you start a new '1 minute' use. There is no wording that permits you to change your aspect once you have selected it - you select one type of animal to emulate when you activate it and that is your lot until you activate it again..

The only reason you can switch freely on your AC is you never run out of 'minutes' if you do so.

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