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how can I do it?

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Being a bit more specific can result in more useful answers, but:

Here's two good links on getting started!

Guide for PFS Newbies: uiII/edit
Guide to Playing Online: wCpw/edit

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Greetings and welcome vikingo, both the guides Tommi linked are full of excellent information. You can also find plenty of Play by Post here on these very forums if you're interested in that (though I am far from the best person to talk about it).

If you're interested in playing a normal 4-5 hour session over the net using a virtual tabletop (such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds for example) then I'd suggest checking out Warhorn which lists many games and searching for 'Pathfinder Society Online' on it and also checking out our Discord server here. I'm 'Stunt Monkey' on Discord, feel free to say hi if you drop by and if I'm not around I'm sure one of our many players and GMs will be happy to offer whatever help you need.

Good luck and great games!

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Hop onto pfschat and hop on the discord.

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Also Check Out:
Cosmic Crit Discord:
Roll For Combat Discord:
Starfinder Nexus Discord:

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"Okay, I sprinkled the glitter-crusted rose petals in a wide circle. Lit the six-armed purple candelabra - check. Then I set out the offering of chocolate and virgins. Now we just wait?"

"No, you idiot, the spell for summoning 'HER' says 'virgin strawberry daiquiris.' You have to turn the page!"

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There is a puff of smoke, a peal of thunder and then... "Did someone say 'virgin strawberry daiquiris?' Yum!"

Hey, I'm GM Hmm, Venture Captain of the Play-by-Post region on the forums right here. Welcome to Online Organized Play, whatever flavor you choose.

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Looking for PFS Play-by-Post?

We have some great lodges!

  • Flaxseed Lodge <-- These are right here on the Paizo forums.

  • Castamir’s Flaxseed Station (Starfinder Society, or PBP in Spa-a-ace!)

  • Mythweavers.

  • RPGgeek PFS Guild

    Or if you'd like to try play-by-discord:

  • Roll for Combat Discord Channel

  • Cosmic Crit Discord Channel

  • Grand Lodge ****

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    Let's not forget the current home of Playtest PBP and on August 1st the home of GLORIOUS PATHFINDER SECOND EDITION PBP AWESOMENESS!!!!!

    Cottonseed Lodge

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    You're right! That's about to become way more active with the advent of PF2! Thanks, Xathos!


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