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So I made a character who is hitting lvl 2 and I'm not sure if I want to keep him in the dark archive. Mainly because it seems kinda tough to make a character that fits that faction...like if I went cleric..maybe it is just me. Anyways if you decide to change do you basically freeze in the one faction and you have to start over in another or is there a retrain type option?

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If you haven't been played at level 2 yet you can retrain into another faction for free.

After that its kind of expensive to swap factions and it gets harder as you level up. It costs 3x your level in prestige points to swap factions.

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If your cleric is neutral, particularly if they worship an evil god Darchive is likely to be one of the better factions 'theme-wise'. Alternately if your cleric is a goody two shoes they might focus on the... lip service (remove the dangerous artifacts from circulation) reason d'etre of the darkive rather than the power-grubby reality...

Fluff aside I recommend that you take a look at the faction cards (both for whether or not the boons would be useful for the character and also to see if your character is likely going to ever be able to accomplish faction card tasks).


Dark Archive characters tend to be hoarders at heart, either of power or of knowledge. Some revel in getting access to weird and dangerous new toys; others gets satisfaction from hiding such things someplace safe out of the hands of the *really* dangerous people (i.e., the ones not working for our side).

And some players take a look at the faction's goals and methods, rightly conclude that the Blakros Museum is basically Ghostbusters HQ with chronic containment failures, and run for the hills. ;)

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