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I always seem to have this issue with my cart. I purchase a eGift Card to use for store credit, and redeem it. Then when I try to place and order after, I can never get the order to work, it never psses the place order screen.

Today the same thing happened ordered and redeemed a gift card. Went to order the item I want and it never gets passed the place order screen.

Anyway, can someone nudge it to use my store credit and side cart it please?



Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Olmac,

The issue comes from a combination of trying to sidecart an item and use store credit. Whenever you send an item to your sidecart, you are telling it to go with subscriptions and therefore follow all the rules of your payment method for subscriptions. There is no way to specify a different payment method (such as store credit) for one item in the order different from the subscriptions during the checkout process for the sidecarted item.

One option is to turn on store credit for subscription orders. This will tell the subscriptions that they can use as much store credit as they can when they generate.

If you do not want to use all of your store credit for the order, but would only like to apply a portion, this can only be done once the sidecart has generated into a pending order. At this time, you can contact Customer Service to let us know how much store credit, or which items should be covered by store credit and we can manually apply that amount to your pending subscription order.

Applying store credit and sending an item to the sidecart are not compatible at this time, but please let me know if you require assistance using one of the work arounds above. If you choose to add it to the sidecart have us apply the store credit when subs generate in March, you can complete submitting the item in your cart to your sidecart without store credit, and it should allow you to complete that portion successfully.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

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Hello Sam,

But I am not telling it to use two different payment options. I want my subscription and my side carted order to both use my store credit.

I am sure my subscriptions are set to use store credit. It says "Subscription orders will use your store credit if available."

The only time I use a different payment method is when I buy the eGift card.

I want the product in my cart to ship with my subscription and be 100% paid with my store credit.

I must say, this seems rather silly to jump through all these hoops to buy something you want to sell. I want to pay for it with my store credit, but if I want it side carted it thinks I want to pay for it a different way than my subscription, which is not the case.

Why would you not make it so it was compatible? One would think a business would make it as easy as possible for the consumer to buy their products.


Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Olmac,

I will attempt to be clearer, as much of my previous information was with the mentality that you may not want the entirety of your sidecart order covered by store credit, and my goal was to provide you the breadth of options we have for accommodating that. I will rephrase with your goal in mind.

You are correct that we are unfortunately hit with a conflict in the system. The system knows that an order going to the sidecart should not apply store credit at this point (the store credit will be tied to the order number, and since the item is moving to sidecart, the store credit should not be saved on this order number), hence it will not submit. It also refuses to submit if it thinks there is no payment method. This is a contradiction we would like to be fixed, but is currently how the system thinks. For many people, they just apply a card as the payment method that will not be charged, but will satisfy the system to let the order submit and go to the sidecart.

Once in the sidecart, it will know to use whatever payment method is specified by the sidecart. Since, as you mentioned, you already have this option turned on for your account, you are good to go as far as ensuring your subscriptions, and any other sidecarted items, are paid for with store credit.

So, we just have to get that item into the sidecart. As you mentioned you almost exclusively use store credit, and do not have another payment method to put in for the system to allow you to submit the order, the work around is not as easy for you. I can accommodate this of course and move the item into the sidecart for you.

I apologize that my previous information was confusing and did not help your understanding for future orders as I had hoped due to my lack of knowledge concerning your particular restrictions.

This item is now sitting in the sidecart for you, ready for the next subscription generation cycle. Please let us know when you are trying to add more items to your sidecart and we can help move them over, as the system currently does not accomodate your store credit only method well. Hopefully this will be changed in the future!

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