How to handle a PC's Paladin's Detect Evil, and the LE Gray Maidens...?

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For clarification, I am running the original modules in D&D 3.5, not Pathfinder.

How have people dealt with a Paladin in the party, whose free use of Detect Evil will surely show the Gray Maidens to be evil from the outset?

I just had a near TPK (write up to be posted to the obituaries thread shortly), and one of the players is coming in with a 4th level Paladin as his replacement character. The queen has means of obscuring her alignment, the Queen's Physicians have means of obscuring their alignments... but all the Gray Maidens (aside from Sabina) are technically Lawful Evil.

At first blush, my thought is to make it so not ALL the gray maidens are evil... Just a large portion of them. So when the PC's encounter the gray maidens that are enforcing the brand new quarantine of Old Korvosa (I'm in the early parts of Seven Days; the quarantine just went up a session or two ago), I KNOW the Paladin player is going to use detect evil. Maybe only ~70% of the maidens are evil? That would allow some plausible deniability, and pointing out that many of their ranks were recruited from the Hell Knights.


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Honestly, don't twist yourself into contortions over something they're going to learn anyway. Does it really matter when they find out the Queen is evil? They have a paladin, so that's going to help them in certain ways, and just let it play out however it does. That can be really hard sometimes (I was really hoping my Party would strike an alliance with Glorio, and they want nothing to do with Laori) but it's their story, just roll with it.

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Adventurer's Guide establishes that there are Good and Neutral Gray Maidens.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Adventurer's Guide establishes that there are Good and Neutral Gray Maidens.

Yes, but this is for the post-campaign survivors of the Gray Maidens, who split into the Erinyes Company, who remain loyal to Ileosa's ideals and presumably remain evil, and the Scarlet Rose, made up of those Gray Maidens who renounce Ileosa and are now NG. The generic Gray Maiden stats from the campaign list them as LE.

But heck, the OP can do whatever he/she wants if it's important to keep the Party guessing. I just think it's unnecessary.

You could always handwave it so at that point in the campaign, most of the gray maidens are actual volunteers, and Ileosa hasn't had a chance to do any of her nasty mumbo-jumbo magic or whatnot on most of them, at that point. They're all just really lawful-ish. Also, some of them being evil because of coming from the Hell Knights makes sense, too.

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With a temple of Asmodeus in the city proper and hellknights helping maintain law and order, having a new order of LE "police" shouldn't surprise the PCs at all.

CE? Yes, Houston, we have a problem.
LE? They're recruiting what they have, and what they have is hellknights and Asmodeans.

And I think having a few of them be LN is perfectly reasonable.

Honestly, teaching the PCs that it is possible to work with LE individuals as long as you maintain a healthy level of mistrust for them will help the campaign in the long run.

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Not to mention that the Grey Maidens are lawfully deputized police (okay, that is if one accepts that the Queen has a right to her throne).

Attacking the police, even LE police, is a serious crime.

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Don't forget, the Paladin's detect evil is a spell like ability and works just like the spell and casting a spell (noticeable, susceptible to being identified, and provokes AoO). It is not as simple as just looking around. Grey Maiden foot soldiers are 3rd level, even if they are evil they will not have a detectable aura.

I have a Paladin. I explained at character creation on that hundreds of people within the city would be evil, including guards of the various organisations and members of the nobility (and that various members of the nobility might have the means and inclination to hide it with magical items or spells), that "he was evil" was not a legal defense, and that he'd have to work with and occasionally for evil people as a part of living in the city. It's never been a problem. A Lawful Evil Gray Maiden force carries out their orders, and are above being casually attacked by a Paladin.

Is your fear that the Paladin will smite-on-sight, or that it will give away the mystery if every Maiden they detect is evil?

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