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A character wants to stow a weapon, draw a weapon, and attack, all without moving. Possible?

Stowing a weapon takes a move action. RAW says "If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you may draw a weapon as a free action combined with a regular move." This suggests that you CANNOT draw a weapon as a free action if you combine it with any move action other than a move. This is consistent with the existence of the Quick Draw feat.

OTOH: under that interpretation you can draw a weapon as a free action while moving, but not while standing still. Like, "I'm happy right where I am, I just want to draw my sword and attack." "Nope, sorry, you have to take a move action."

What is correct?

You cannot draw a weapon as a free action without the Quick Draw feat.

If you are standing still, you need to spend a move action to draw the weapon and then can use a standard action to attack. Stowing a weapon is a move action. Dropping a weapon is a free action. If you want to switch weapons, you can either:
1) Drop the 1st weapon as a free action, then draw the 2nd weapon as a move action, then attack with a standard action; or
2) Stow the 1st weapon as a move action, then use your standard action as a second move action to draw the 2nd weapon, and you won't be able to attack that turn.

With a +1 attack bonus or higher, it lets you combine two move actions into one only when moving: the move action to draw a weapon and the move action to move. It does not mean that drawing a weapon would normally be a free action in other situations outside of moving. It is similar to charging which lets you combine the move action to move and the standard action to attack into a single standard action to charge.

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Stowing is a move action.
Drawing is normally a move action, but with the quickdraw feat is a free action.
Attacking is a standard action.

You can also draw weapons that are counted as ammo like shuriken.


Bottom line: if your weapon is not in hand you cannot make a full attack without quickdraw or using ammo like weapons (such as shuriken).

Or you have pounce and move a distance not greater than your speed.

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Note that a scabbard of many blades allows a character with the Quick Draw feat to switch weapons as a swift action.

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