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So after looking at a char gen app for so long and almost going cross eyed, figured make an account and ask for a little help.

With the inclusion of gun rules in pathfinder, I've always liked the idea of taming the mystics with well intentioned science, but unfortunately never got to play said character. But with me recently moving to an area with more gamers, might get a shot soon.

The original idea is lost to time, but with that comes additional material to draw upon. So the basics, I'm looking at a Gunslinger(Musket Master) and Inquisitor(Sanctified Slayer) build, the general idea being an assassin whose ideals conform to their deity. I know guns are not the best for sniping and such, but I'm overriding that with the rule of cool.

Starting stats are currently at:
Str: 10
Dex: 13(racial bonus here)
Con: 10
Int: 14
Wis: 16
Cha: 12

It's kind of a safe stat arrangement for now, but open to suggestions. I have it a little spread out to cover skills and having a negative in STR sounds bad for carrying gear and looting while negative Con sounds like courting death.

Where I have issues currently deal with the levels, specifically how many and where to take them. I currently have 4 builds being thrown around with the same feats being used, but placement varying. The builds are Human with 1 level of gunslinger rest inquisitors, 5 levels gunslinger rest inquisitors and other 2 are nonhuman with same levels spread.

What I currently have as the feats:

Point Blank Shot------------1st Level
Precise Shot------------------Humans 1st, rest 3rd
Expert Sniper----------------11th--3rd---19th--11th
Deadly Aim-------------------5th---5th---7th---7th
Weapon Focus--------------3rd---6th---5th---5th
Martial Focus----------------7th---7th---11th--6th
Far Shot-----------------------9th---13th--9th---13th
Vital Strike--------------------9th---9th---9th---9th
Burrowing Shot-------------13th--11th--13th--13th
Improved Vital Strike-----15th--13th--15th--15th
Anatomical Savant---------17th--15th--17th--17th
Improved Precise Shot---17th--19th--17th--19th
Free Parking------------------19th--17th--XXXX--XXXX
(1H is Human 1 level, 2H is 5 levels, 1N Non-Human 1 level, 2N is 5 levels)

If you suggest getting rid of Burrowing Shot, then also swap out Martial Focus please as it is a feat tax.

I'm partial to the 5 levels of Gunslinger with how the feats roll out on both of them and that there's a 4th iterative, albeit +1 BaB, for when stealth is no longer at play and need to hammer in shots. It does however push back Bane and Greater Bane as class skills and access to Named Bullet as a spell, but I do get to add Dex to damage and more stuff to use Grit with.

What I'm looking for isn't really munchkinning the build to max out efficiency, just that if I play in a normal group where we each have a solid build, will I fall behind and be a burden and liability or keep pace with a build like this.

I'm also looking for suggestions on teamwork feats as there are a lot I can take, but only so many work in range while I'm the only one benefiting. Thank you for your time.

Sorry man try the Pathfinder 1st edition forum. You might get help there. This is the 2nd edition playtest forum.

Whoops, yeah misclicked.

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