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Hey All

Not sure if this is the right section of the website for this - so please reassign to the correct venue if not...

Sadly I've been involved in two games here on the boards where unfortunately players involved passed away.

Those we lost were: Nick Goodner (aka Thestrongangel) two years ago, and JustinLWarren only last month.

While the games themselves (and others they were involved in) mourned and offered thoughts, prayers and memories of the two gentlemen taken far too soon, I was struck by the notion that this is a fact of life - people do pass, suddenly and shockingly and (sadly) it has likely occurred many times to our online and wider community.

What also stuck me is there was no Paizo-centric thread or section of the website devoted to these sad announcements, or sharing creative memories of those members of the Paizo community we have lost.

Apologies if this has been broached previously - nothing I searched for flagged up (save threads set up in the memory of specific individuals by fellow players/GMs etc).

The announcement of the passing of both above players took me by surprise, and Justin's really shook me to the core, making me reflect on my own life and mortality. From my perspective these are individuals who built uniquely creative events in the games we shared - humour, excitement, pathos and above all else enjoyment.

Just wonder if an "official" corner of the boards to remember these co-creators and fallen friends would have merit?



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I support my fellow Gary in this initiative/request.

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This is a great, and touching, idea. Justin was GMing a game I was in, and I was surprised and saddened by his passing.

My condoleances to his family

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Thank you for raising this suggestion Gary.

Silver Crusade

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I think this is a wonderful idea.

Liberty's Edge

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I support this proposal as well.

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Black Dow, thank you for your thoughtfulness in wanting to create a memoriam the members of our community who have passed away. I'm going to temporarily close this thread though. There are some considerations for this kind of thing within online forum communities and I need to work through those details.

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