A couple of questions about the Custom Scanner's creature ID


Silver Crusade

As a move action, you can use Life Science or Physical Science to identify a creature. Is this considered a check to recall knowledge, eligible for the +4 bonus from an appropriate library chip? Should the DC be reduced by a relevant theme's knowledge ability?

I'm inclined to say yes to both, anyone have reasons they shouldn't work?

Right now the wording disallows it: it's a special check, not an ability that lets you use a different ability in place of the other skill check.

I agree that DCs should be reduced by theme knowledge. However, Library Chips would probably be too broad. A single chip for all living creatures?

I think the ability should be reworded to make it be Life/Physical Science modifier "in place of" the normal skill modifier to identify the creature. This means that 1) it's treated as an identification check for all purposes, 2) Theme Knowledge DC reductions apply normally, 3) all bonuses provided by external gear (such as library chips) function as normal, not giving certain items utility beyond their intent (Life Science Library Chip).

Starfinder Superscriber

FWIW, The Library Chips do not provide a benefit to Identify Creature checks, just Recall Knowledge checks normally. The Custom Scanner doesn't change this. That's probably a good reason to prevent the library chip from working. No reason the theme shouldn't work though.

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