Daily Resource Pools: a Fundamental Design Problem for Biohackers?

Biohacker, observations and proposed solutions.

Capstone superserum

Instinctive Biohacker needs help

My thoughts and suggested changes for consideration

Concerns regarding having to roll to buff a teammate

Biohacker Clarifications and Questions

Clarification re: Custom Scanner Identification Action

A couple of questions about the Custom Scanner's creature ID

Field Dressing, Custom Scanner, and the problem with range.

Anyone thought about a Strength Biohacker?

Weapon spec just a feat tax?

Biohacker playtest report - 4th level

Injection weapons list

Most optimal races

Wraith-Sting Rifle

How I would change Biohacker

Conserving Fusion and Injections

Ranged and melee biohacker characters

Biohacker......what's going on?

Instinctive vs. Studious scientific method

BioHacker VS Beacon Code dilema (spoilers)

Biohacker and Consumables.

First Impressions Thread

Syringes as operative weapons

Genetics Field of Study

Versatile Injections

Focused Feedback: A comprehensive Biohacker review

Playtest results: Minor spoilers for Dead Subs

Spell Ampoules & Serums

My arguement for giving the biohacker a few more healing OPTIONS (not just flat more healing)

Treatment Master Question

Let Custom Scanner function as a Comm Unit?

Insight Bonus?

Could use more biohacking? Or, maybe include a little more combat power on chassis?

Studious Spark of Ingenuity offensive counteragent combos

Please rename restoratives

Biohacker vs. Operative chassis comparison

Interesting looking class

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