Infinite Worlds vs. Flying and Incorporeal Creatures



Hey everyone!

I ran SFS #1-26 for a witchwarper character yesterday, and some rules questions came up regarding the infinite worlds class feature and its interactions with flying creatures and incorporeal creatures. As many of you know, by default flying and incorporeal creatures ignore difficult terrain, as referenced in this rule:

"Flying and incorporeal creatures are not hampered by most difficult terrain, though a dense tree canopy or web of chains might count as difficult terrain for flying creatures."

This makes it seem like the intent is for infinite worlds to be ineffective against flying and incorporeal creatures mechanically, but its flavor seems to suggest that it might be intended to work against flying and incorporeal creatures, especially since infinite worlds references "debris in the air" and the warping of space-time. Some clarification on how infinite worlds is supposed to work against these creatures would be useful.

Scarab Sages Starfinder Design Lead

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Infinite worlds can affect flying creatures. It's the "not-most" difficult terrain that does so.
it does not affect incorporeal creatures.

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