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That's the text that's added to the front of a url when I post a link in my games. When I click the edit button, that text isn't there. But when I submit it, the text is added to the front of my url, redirecting my links to a Paizo page instead of where I want the link to go.

This is very annoying in games when I have to post images to the game. Especially maps for my players. I can post a link to Google docs where the map is, because the above text gets added to my links and I can't edit it away.


As an example, the below link only has "www.google.com" as the text in the url. It's correct when I click "edit." But as you can see, it's changed to:



Instead of going to the Google home page, it goes to the Paizo home page.

Now the text has changed again. Now it's:

Here's an image to show how the link is different in the edit box (I can't hyperlink it, because it won't work):


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Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention. I've documented it and will investigate a fix so we can get links working correctly again.

Edit: Until the bug is fixed, one workaround that might help is posting links like "www.google.com" as "https://google.com". From my testing so far, it seems like this should cause the link to work correctly.

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