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Something some conventions are suggesting and should be something done by all GMs whenever possible for all events no matter the size is take a picture of your completed report sheets. I cannot stress how much stress it eliminates for organizers, players, and GMs if you do this and keep a little folder with all the reports or at least until you can verify they were properly reported in the system. Trying to reconstruct a table after the fact without the reporting sheets can be extremely challenging. This little step can save everyone a major headache.


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I now take photos of my reporting sheets when ever I go to events. It's a lesson that I've learned the hard way.


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I started after GenCon last year!

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I absolutely 100% agree. Do this!

I don't remember when we started but we've got two or three years of chronicle sheets in a Google Photos album. We don't usually need it but holy crap is it amazing to have when you lose something.

Bonus use: fueling the collaborative interpretation of organized play numbers nobody can read.

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