Good level to use as a sample game.


I’m looking to run a home brew sample game and looking for what level I should run it at. In pathfinder I find level 8 to be the ideal. At that point there is some disparity between skill levels, most class abilities that are key to characters are online, etc.

So, what level is that for starfinder? What should the ship look like at that point?

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hmm, maybe level 9? That's when every class with insight skill boosts has a +3 in their relative skills. Solarian gets its first pick of zenith revelations and soldiers get the second fighting style

Either 9 as above, or 10 when spellcasters get their 4th level spells.

Depends on what level of magic you want to show off.

Level 7 feels like the sweet spot to me. Third level spells and their equivalents, good class development, nice selection of feats and skills.

If you're introducing newbies something like level 2 is solid and simple, though.

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My first thought was level 5. You have weapon specialization by then, some interesting class abilities (but not so many that it's overwhelming), and the ability score boosts makes everyone not feel like lowly maggots anymore.

It's also a good start for multiclassing characecters. Rather than being X 1/Y 1, you can be X 1/Y 5 and have a real identity.

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Anything from level 3 and up. Weapon Specialization makes such a big difference.

I think level 5-7 is sweet though, every class gets something interesting around that time and you've got enough money that you can branch out beyond basic armor and weapons to pick up some odd stuff.

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