Roll20: Pathfinder Bestiary, Charactermancer, and Updates!

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Hey folks! Swinging through again for an update on all things Roll20. Today I get to tell you that we've just released the first Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, along with a Pathfinder version of the Roll20 Charactermancer!

What that means in practical terms is that, by purchasing the Bestiary, you can drag 'n drop 400 creatures directly into your game, and they will have stats, token art, and one-click actions ready to go. Making encounters is SO MUCH easier.

Making characters is easier too! I've been hinting about the Pathfinder version of the Charactermancer since June and it's finally ready. I love it. It'll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a Level 1 character, and will automatically be available in any game that uses the official Roll20 Pathfinder Character Sheet.

Last time I was here, I promised that we would finish up the War for the Crown Adventure Path. We did! We have not yet announced what our next AP will be, but there is definitely going to be another and I think it'll make a lot of folks happy.

I also promised that the Starfinder character sheet would be released, so did we manage that one? Sure did. Now anyone can play a Starfinder game for free on Roll20... and the sheet is quite snazzy, if I do say so myself!

The Pathfinder Playtest is still available, along with a free map pack, and we've now added a weekly Twitch stream of the Playtest every Thursday. Even if streams aren't your thing, we do post VODs and I really recommend checking out the first video which shows our GM-in-Residence Adam Koebel setting up the entire Playtest on Roll20. Spoilers - players, stay back! - but GMs, go watch this to make your life SO much easier.

We're so happy to be partnered with Paizo, and hope that you all are feeling the love. If you have any issues, you can talk to our devs on the Roll20 Bug Forum, and I'm happy to answer questions as best I can!

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Roll20 has been a fantastically useful tool, and this has made it even more useful :D

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Thank you for the updates!

Yeah, my pleasure! So happy to hear you're both enjoying the new resources. :)

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